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of Roine Burning It Up:
'Power Of Two' Live 2009 (0:42)
Karmakanic Live 2009 (0:46)
If you know about Transatlantic you need to see this. If you don't know about Transatlantic, you need to see this: Morse and Stolt with TA 2010 (2:00)
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One of my favorite performers of all time is now playing a JET guitar.
Several years ago, after I was already a fan, I saw Roine performing with a new guitar. I searched the company's endorser list on their website and was astounded to find no mention of Roine Stolt in their list. I sent an email to the company proclaiming that "if Roine Stolt were playing a JET guitar, I'd be sure to do whatever I could to let the whole world know!" Now I am doing just that.
This artist is no mere shredder, rather he is an all-around player combining the styles of Peter Green, Andy Latimer, Steve Howe and even Allan Holdsworth. However my greatest respect is reserved for his incredibly beautiful and prolific writing style. In addition to his own band, The Flower Kings, Roine has been an influential member in progressive rock projects Transatlantic, Kaipa, The Tangent, Neal Morse, Agents Of Mercy, and Karmakanic.
If you are or have ever been interested in progressive rock I would urge you to check out Roine Stolt, he is one of the top three torch-bearers of the genre for the new millenium.

"Your guitar is a wonderful piece of art...I think and hope that the JET will be my main guitar from now...Jeffrey, thanx again for the guitar, it IS fabulous."

Roine Stolt,The Flower Kings
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