Earlewood Prototypes
The Earlewood model guitar was designed by Jeffrey Earle T. after researching the needs and opinions of a wide cross section of guitar players. The unique proprietary features (such as the peaked top joint, angled recessed jack, brass endfret, and through stringing over a wood tailpiece) were tried out in these three guitars.
Jeffrey also sampled different wood combinations in search of the best tone. #001 sports the original CaribbeanBurst paint job on a quilted/birdseye top, and a mahogany body. The neck is also mahogany, with carbon graphite reinforcements. #002 is identical, except for a three piece unreinforced maple neck and wider trim around the cutaways. Ed Roman has told me he had #002 re-finished shortly after he bought it in 1999. #003 had a slightly thinner maple neck, and a three layer 'sandwich' of Koa, Alder, and Mahogany for the body.
The only changes to the Earlewood line since these prototypes were built are direct mounted pickups and several cosmetic upgrades.