Earlewood PLUS

What could you do with a great guitar, that also had an awesome sounding acoustic transducer bridge? Maybe you've thought about it, but were put off by complicated controls and switches. And maybe you couldn't decide whether to go mono or stereo, because after all, you don't always have two separate amps. Well here is the guitar for you. The Earlewood PLUS has all the fine attributes of a standard Earlewood, including the easy megaswitch and 2 knob control system for the Seymour Duncans. We've added a volume knob for the piezo bridge and a master toggle selector, for magnetic or piezo systems, or both. No more hunting for a little miniswitch in the middle of a song, just whack that toggle! But here's the best part. You can plug in a stereo Y-cable that leads to two separate amplification systems, or you can plug in a standard mono cable to a single amp and still get both sound outputs.
The control knobs are Magnetic Volume, Magnetic Tone, and Piezo Volume. The Mag Volume is a P/P switch that selects two different tone curves for the piezo system. The JET Caldera can be built with the PLUS System, too. Switching between great electric and acoustic tones has never before been this simple!
JET PLUS Guitars are shipped with stereo cables custom made by Lava Cable.