JET Guitars Firsts

JET may not have had as big an influence in the world of electric guitars as Leo Fender, Ken Parker, or Ned Steinberger, but still there is a lot to be proud of. The revolutionary peaked top joint is still flying under the radar, even after all these years. The crowned brass endfret is another simple innovation that is absolutely unique. And, although a few Blue-Green-Yellow bursts have been tried before, JET perfected the look and coined the name CaribbeanBurst.

You also may be surprised to learn that JET’s rainbow colored stain theme predated the Al DiMeola signature Prism model by two years. And that the Prism appeared shortly after I invited Al to visit my website.

Beyond these, I have also experimented and invented some things that have never been marketed: A Biased Action Tremolo design, which helps to de-emphasize the pitch-changing effect on the lower strings through improved simple geometry. And I created a split-level fingerboard which found a home in two JET experimental models years ago, in which radically different string gauges were combined, and could be played with ease.

This all adds up to a respectable legacy, and I will continue to handcraft these instruments for as long as I am able.