This page is for news about JET Guitars as well as Jeffrey Earle T's personal news. It is updated monthly if I have anything new to post.

January 2015:
At the end of January, if all goes well, JET Guitars.com will have a new look and improved functionality, especially on mobile devices!
October 2014:
JET no. 400is available now! It will be shipped to Infinity Guitars.
June 2014:
Did you know a JET Earlewood has rubbed elbows on stages with both Jon Anderson (Progressive Nation At Sea 2014) and Steve Hackett (High Voltage Festival 2010)?
May 2014:
Check out the Closet Sale for some of my early, innovative one-of-a-kind basses and hybrids.
April 2013:
I have introduced a new JET inlay theme - Pineapple Blocks. See Inlays page
September 2012:
There are two new letters from JET owners on the Testimonials page. Thanks guys.
July 2012:
The Monthly Pictureis different this time. I have made two prototypes for a new model called the Breeze. It will sport the same body profiles and neck joints as the Earlewood ('E-Breeze") and Caldera ("C-Breeze"). These are designed to appeal to the traditionalist 'junior' afficianado, with a solid mahogany body, Duncan P-90's, and more muted colors and trim. Also they are excepted from the JET 'No Plastic' tradition. Otherwise, they retain JET innovations and features. Please contact Randy at Infinity Guitars to get one! >
January 2012:
Ed Roman passed on to the next world in December. He will be remembered as a passionate afficianado of not only guitars, but also motorcyles and exotic weapons. Although known to be opinionated and aggressive in his business dealings, he was also one of a very few guitar dealers willing and able to introduce new small scale luthiers' creations to the world at large. The world of 'boutique' guitars and G.A.S. owes a lot to Ed Roman, more than most are willing to admit, and he will be missed.
Here are a few tidbits I found while tuning up the JET Guitars website, that you may not know yet:
A JET can be ordered with a Fernandes Sustainer built in.
JET guitars with the PLUS system are shipped with a custom-made stereo cable by Lava Cable.
You can get a JET with a genuiune Floyd.
November 2011:
Sinbad has a JET Earlewood guitar. You might see it in his new show now on tour.
August 2011:
This month's JET is available for sale. It features a Fernandes Sustainer and a cool purple-tinged Caribbeanburst color. Maple pickup trim is available for this guitar, to unify the theme.
July 2011:
My mother died in May. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. On to the business:
For those inclined to order an Earlewood or Caldera with a custom color, please review JET's Custom Color Policy.
May 2011:
My mother is experiencing a severe illness which will probably result in her passing sometime this month. Since my father lives alone with her in another state, the situation has burdened me with frequent long work interruptions which will probably continue for a while.
March 2011:
Long time, no post! I have a couple of things to catch up on. First, Any one out there who is a progressive rock fan needs to pick up TransAtlantic's concert DVD. Even if the first set didn't feature 78 minutes of Roine Stolt singing & wringing God-Like tones from his Earlewood, I would still have bought it (as I did the first concert DVD back in 2001). Second, I have added some links to theTestimonials page. One of them features a review by Jordan Wagner for Premier Guitar Magazine. Jordan is the latest in a long parade of commentators who have praised JET necks... I see a pattern developing...
September 2010:
My favorite inlay pattern, the Dancing Yin Yangs, has undergone minor tweaks in the design over the last few years. The latest is shown on theinlays page. I stretched the pattern all the way to the 24th fret, placed the figures at frets 9 and 15 closer together, and increased the size of the figures in the middle register.
August 2010:
I am now in Facebook.
June 2010:
"June...Came Upon Us Much Too Soo-on..."
I have posted another short video on the Roine Stolt page. If you are a prog rock fan you will love this.
May 2010:
I attended one of the Transatlantic shows in Philadelphia at the end of April. It was thrilling to see and hear one of my guitars playing a part in the most interesting and moving music being made today. It just doesn't get any better than Stolt, Morse, Portnoy, Trewavas and Gildenlow. I am a fan for life.
January 2010:
Welcome to the second decade of the new millennium. Check out the JET Baritone Earlewood!
Also there is something new on the One Of A Kinds page.
December 2009:
I am now offering Repair Services for guitars and basses.
Here is a link to another impromptu forum discussion on Guitars.Net.
Lastly, I have provided some Windows Movies of Roine Stolt playing his JET.
If you have seen any videos featuring JET guitars, email me with a link and I'll check it out.
June 2009:
Still want more reading material? How about a very lively Thread from The Gear Page? This is a direct link, completely unedited, where forum members duke it out over JET guitars and Ed Roman. Enjoy.
March 2009:
I have cut the prices on the Closet Sale in half! Get one of these one-of-a-kind early JET prototypes!
February 2009:
Check out the new JET Lap Steel.
January 2009:
I hope you had a great holiday season!
I have posted asking prices for the JET Closet Sale.
December 2008:
My webhost Arvixe.com upgraded their servers last week, and I have not received any emails through jetguitars.com since November 22. I have notified them twice. In the meantime I can be reached through MySpace.NEWSFLASH: Never mind, the problem is solved today.
November 2008:
Earlewood no. 312, the first JET custom built for Roine Stolt, has been sold.
I am clearing out my closetful of old JET instruments. Visit myCloset Saleto see what's in there. Prices will be assigned later.
October 2008:
It is with great pride that I can announce That I have gainedRoine Stoltas a customer. Also check outEd Roman's page on Roine.
This is actually Roine's second JET, and the first one - nearly identical - is for sale! click here for details.
Incidentally, did you see the full page print ad I had a year ago in Premier Guitar, which said "Let Others Imitate"? Well checkthisout.
September 2008:
I posted some pics from the Three Rivers Prog Festival onMyspace.
August 2008:
I am excited to be attending theThree Rivers Prog Festival at the end of this month. The bill is fantastic, and I have a guest pass from Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings).
May 2008:
I am sending out a call to all JET owners in Europe! If you want to tell the world about your Earlewood or Caldera, please send me an email with your comments or review. I want to build a testimonials page for my Europe Distributor. Don't worry if it isn't in English because he is based in Germany.
Thanks for your concern for my family issue, everything worked out OK.
April 2008:
News is not so good this month. Due to an illness in the family I will need to interrupt work for a week, and there is a very good chance there may be even more interruptions. So the long & the short of it is my phone & email replies will be spotty, and if you have a guitar on order there will be commensurate delays.
March 2008:
As you can see, JET Guitars.com has undergone a revision. I have eliminated outdated pages, and streamlined/validated the rest to work better (hopefully!) I would appreciate it if you would report any problems you might have. (And I would appreciate it even more if you have coding solutions, ha-ha).
January 2008:
Happy New Year!
I have resigned fromDPRP. Although I haven't done a huge number of music reviews, I have begun to worry about conflicts of interest. At least two artists reviewed there (by others) are JET guitar owners, and I expect this number to grow. Some of my reviews have been rather, uh, honest, and I would hate to see this affect a potential buyer's decisions. I have told Bob Mulvey, one of the prime movers for that wonderful prog site, that I might submit reviews from my own music collection from time to time.
December 2007:
There will be some minor improvements to the detailing in JET guitars in 2008. In guitars with gold plating, the megaswitch screws will be gold (I have to get them plated myself because they aren't available). The switch knobs will be gold plated too. Also pickups will have gold plated polepieces, although it will take awhile for them to find their way out into the world because there will be a lot of mixed stock.
September 2007:
The color naming contest is concluded, that page now lists all the entries along with the winning pick.(edit: old links removed D/T site revision.)
August 2007:
I found it necessary to 'backpedal' from my original plan of offering the Tonestyler in 7 configurations. It has been whittled down to 3 and the reason is, you can't get a push/pull switch in a Tonestyler. Custom configurations are still possible, using more than one, or using a miniswitch, or using a P/P pot other than the Tonestyler.
I have kept a log of all the name entries for the naming contest, please forgive me for not replying to your emailed entry - there have been a lot of them! At the end of August I will post a list of all the suggestions, along with the winner if I decide on one.
July 2007:
There are several news items this month.
First, Ed Roman Guitars (the store) will no longer be taking delivery or orders for JET guitars. However Ed Roman (the dealer) will continue to sell JET Guitars.
I've come up with a new color that is teal with an underlying purple tint. I need help giving it a name. (edit: old links removed D/T site revision.)
And lastly, check out the newly created Jeffrey Earle T. MySpace page!
June 2007:
The JET Caldera is back, and badas ever!
May 2007:
The 300th JET guitar has been built. It has become a tradition for me to do something really spectacular, and try to top the last one hundredth. This one is quite a joy gem (to borrow a song title from Salem Hill's wonderful recent CD).(edit: old links removed D/T site revision.)
April 2007:
I have been playing with the Tonestyler control from Stellartone, and have decided to make it the centerpiece of JET's new Extreme Tone option. The various switching arrangements described on the new page should provide a dramatic amount of performing flexibility for any guitarist.
March 2007:
Not really anything new to report the last couple months...I must be a pretty boring person.
January 2007: Starting with no. 290, the tone controls on JET guitars will be done differently. Up to now I have used a treble bypass capacitor, but the results have never completely pleased me although I have not received any negative feedback about it. But I tried a vintage Gibson method, which utilizes the tone pot wiper differently without a bypass cap, and I like it so it will be standard now.
How do you like the new wallpaper for 2007?
December 2006: The JET Guitars website has been tweaked a little bit. There are new frames (edit: old links removed D/T site revision.)
October 2006: There is another alternative control layout for the PLUS system, one that I find quite ergonomic. It is No. 11 on the Control Layouts page.
July 2006: It is with much regret that I must announce the Caldera model will be discontinued. A very large guitar company has filed a legal injunction which effectively prohibits the sale of this model through specific dealers.
June 2006: As anyone with computer experience could have predicted, along with my system upgrades came a major snafu. It was in the form of corrupted files downloaded from a well-known antivirus vendor, leading directly to system failures and a virus invasion. I know a few people have emailed me, so if I didn't respond, that was the reason. Please try again.
Also, for all those I regularly correspond with, my email address book was lost - the only backup item that failed.
May 2006: I have made the jump from dialup to Roadrunner (About time huh?) so if you try to reach me on my old Bellsouth email account, it is cancelled.
The background wallpaper on the website has been upgraded.
April 2006: This month the focus is on communicating via email. The volume of spam dumped on my computer has risen to over 500 per day. I now am of the opinion that mass mailers need some restraint on the number of messages they can economically send, i.e. they need to be charged on a per message basis. I leave it to IT experts to figure out how to achieve that without building another large bureaucratic structure to detect the rampant fraud which is sure to ensue. In the meantime, I apologize if you have emailed me and not recieved a response. The fact is my two mailboxes are constantly flooded with junk mail and I can no longer even skim the subject lines. Therefore I ask that you include my middle name (all 5 letters) in the subject line of any correspondence to me. That way I can sort your message to a dedicated inbox where it won't go down the drain unnoticed.
On the brighter side, JET introduces a new inlay theme - Hurricanes!
March 2006: I don't have a lot of news from the last couple of months...the guitars and the website are pretty much at the level where I want them, although the "shop tour" page is getting pretty old. It shows quite a few methods that have been changed.
I am planning to visit Las Vegas at the end of March, and am looking forward to seeing Ed Roman Guitars.
December 2005: Here's wishing you and all your loved ones a happy 2005 holiday season!
September 2005: A lot of people really like the natural maple look in the cutaway chamfer - including me - so it will now be a default feature for JET guitars.
I have taken down the link to Institute For Justice. There are plenty of initiatives being introduced across the USA to stop eminent domain abuse, and it will not be a problem for much longer.
July 2005: You may have noticed a banner on the JET Guitars home page - the first ever (and I hope the only) off-topic banner to appear there. This is a link to a worthy organization which is active in an area I feel strongly about.
Happy Fourth of July : /
June 2005: We are going to drop two inlay themes, the V's and the Sugarloaf Mountains, due to lack of demand. They will still be available for custom orders though.
A pair of new letters are on the Testimonials page. Thank you, fellas!
April 2005: Tropic Purple is back! Only the second and third JET Guitars made in this color have just been built. One is the Monthly Pic for April 2005, and the other replaces the old photo on the Finish Colors page.
I have also put two more questions on the More Tone FAQ page, which is morphing into a more general Q/A page.
March 2005: After five months delivering the News Page for the Dutch Progressive Rock Page, I have decided to call it quits. Just too much to do and not enough time. I will remain on their staff though and do an occasional CD review.
February 2005: With much regret, I have closed the JET Guitars Guestbook due to excessive spamming. I could deal with re-loading the page twice a day, but when it got to the point of not even loading I knew it was time to kill it. Spammers, just go away and die please.

January 2005: I have posted one more CD on the CD Reviews page. (edit: old links removed D/T site revision.)
December 2004: JET guitar no. 200 is here! It is an Earlewood, you will just have to look at it if you want to know why it's special. Ed Roman will be getting this one. (edit: old links removed D/T site revision.)
There are some minor cosmetic changes to the website...I have updated the look of the guitar models' pages, and also about half of the photos on the Finish Colors page because they were old and not accurate anymore.
November 2004: If you have something you want to write in the Guestbook, you ought to do it soon. There are so many spam entries going in there that I just might have to close it.
JET guitar number 200 is coming up, should be done before the end of 2004.
October 2004: Jeffrey's got a new Caldera. (edit: old links removed D/T site revision.)
September 2004: The Dutch Progressive Rock Page has recruited a news editor - yours truly! Starting this week I will assume the responsibility for assembling the weekly news page for this highly respected international prog music resource.
August 2004:Check out the 'Dancing Yin Yangs' theme in the Inlay Gallery.
June 2004: There are two new features on the website. One is Earlewood No.150 on the One Of A Kinds page.(edit: old links removed D/T site revision.) (Sorry, I am going to keep this baby!) The other is the More Tone FAQ page which will expand on my Tone Treatise as questions or issues come up. To start with, I answer the question: "Does a thick finish affect tone?"
May 2004: JET had computer problems last month, if you haven't received a response to your email that's the reason. Use the website link to re-send your message because I have changed to another ISP.
March 2004: If you have been receiving SPAM from Jetguitars.com, I apologize. The fact is for about three years now spammers have been hijacking my site name. I know there is a huge volume of SPAM going out with my name on it because I receive about 6 bouncebacks a day. My web host knows these hackers are doing this, but they either won't or can't stop it. I would like nothing more to find these guys, hang them up in a dungeon, place an open can of SPAM a few inches from their noses, and let them slowly starve to death as it rots. However this is unrealistic because those subhumans hide from the light of day like the diseased rats they are. Besides I'd probably be arrested.
February 2004: I have finally gotten around to a second CD review...My pledge to you is to make an effort to post a new one at least annually, around Grammy time. Also: The Inlay Gallery is up! A few more will be added as the photos become available.
January 2004: Check out the EW Up Close page. It has been updated with photos of a brand-new Earlewood guitar.
December 2003: We have switched to a double expanding truss rod system. This will provide a better range of adjustment than the compression rod used in the first 143 JET guitars. The appearance of the headstock has changed accordingly (although photos of the original will continue to be used for a while on this site). Click here to see the style change. (edit: old links removed D/T site revision.)
September 2003: As you can see the JET Guitars website has undergone a small renovation. I hope you find the new menu bar easier to use and better organized. We will also update some of the features in the 'DETAILS' section over the coming months.
August 2003: The NAMM summer show was a success for me, personally at least. I got to pump the forepaws of Steve Morse, Kerry Livgren, Dave Mustaine, Dave LaRue, Jim Marshall and Victor Wooten. (This is the place where accomplished guitar builders once again become slobbering fans!) Unfortunately my camera refused to wake up when I needed it but I may be able to get some pics from a buddy who was there.
May 2003: A few new cosmetic options on the horizon for JET guitars ... We will soon offer trim themes (which includes the tailpiece, pickup trim, and inlay at the headstock tip) in woods other than ebony. They will include clearcoated Koa, Purple Heart, and Flamed Maple which will coordinate nicely with the bindings.
April 2003: I'm planning to visit the Nashville NAMM show in July, I'll probably bring in a guitar or 2 and hang around at the D'Angelico / Ed Roman booths.
This website is starting to look a little old (to me anyway) so I'm planning to make over the SHOP TOUR and UP CLOSE pages with new images. I'd like to get a new camera first, who knows when I'll get around to it... maybe a few months.
February 2003: The Caldera model is here! Also, some updates have been made to the color chart in the GALLERY.
January 2003: Because of ongoing problems with delivery, we have dropped Schaller tuners. Grover will now be used on JET guitars, and we especially look forward to using many of the new 18:1 top locking model.
December 13 2002: JET Guitars survived the ice storm in NC USA last week, the only loss was four days of electricity. That's why I got behind this month.
The One Hundredth Earlewood has been built! Starting with this guitar there will be a minor change in the serial numbering. Instead of 'EW 100' it will say 'Earlewood 100'. That's because a new model, called the Caldera, will soon be introduced. Since they will built just like an Earlewood I will continue numbering them together, rather than starting the new model at 001.
September 22: There is a new menubar just below the main one which will be displayed only on the HOME page, and on this page. It contains links to miscellaneous pages so that you will be able to find them faster.

September 9 2002: Please use the guestbook as a guestbook! Due to an steep increase in advertising postings there, I have reluctantly set ground rules for messages. I won't ban links altogether, and if your message has been deleted you may post again if you adhere to the intended purpose of that page.
September 1 2002: Although there hasn't been much specific news posted here at JET Guitars lately, that doesn't mean nothing has been going on. The Earelwood guitar line has proven to be smashing success and demand is steadily rising.
We have special editions coming in the next few months with serial nos. 100 and 101, to celebrate the first 100 handcrafted EW's.
I have also begun thinking about a second model. It would be quite different - the body shape based on the 'Carnivore' one-offs seen in the Gallery, and with a longer scale, flatter radius neck. It would cater to the drop-tune-shred players, possibly with a standard tremolo, and thus complement the Earlewood which is an all-round type guitar. I'd be delighted to see your thoughts on this, feel free to email me.
May 24 2002: If you've been looking for a better sounding and more convenient piezo acoustic sound, you need to see the new Earlewood PLUS (...which stands for Piezo 'Lectric Uncomplicated Stereo).
May 7 2002: Next time you're in Las Vegas, be sure to check out the new Ed Roman's World Class Guitars showroom. He has the largest inventory of high-end electric guitars in the world!
March 28 2002: The SOUNDS page is up! (Thank you to web designer Rich Maliska.) I hope you enjoy exploring the wide selection of sweet sounds available in a JET Earlewood!
The contest is over, there were seven winners. Congratulations on their Prog Prowess!
February22 2002: CONTEST! OK boys and girls, it's time for a friendly promotion. Here's your chance to win a set of strings and JET guitar picks. Just go to the last picture in the Shop Tour, where you will see a group of music CD's. One of them is titled 'V'. (V's are used in one of the JET inlay themes.) If you can name the artist that made the CD, you win 4 guitar picks. If you can identify nine out of the eleven CDs shown (artist/title) you win the picks plus a set of strings. These prizes will be limited to the first 12 correct responses that I receive by email over the next month, so hurry. Be sure to include your mailing address. I must limit the scope of this contest to USA (Sorry, international JET viewers!). No duplicate entries, please!
February 5 2002: Work has begun on an exciting new addition to this site, a SOUNDS page. That's where you will be able to go to hear the different sounds a JET Earlewood is capable of.
January 26 2002: There is a new feature on the GALLERY page for those of you who have seen all the guitars on that page, and still hunger for more. Starting this month, a new guitar will be selected from a recent production batch to be revealed as a typical JET Earlewood. Simply click on the 'Mystery Guitar' thumbnail.
The outage resulted from the failure of the domain registrar company, Network Solutions/Interland/Verisign, to renew the 'jetguitars.com' domain. (Even with a 6 month advance payment by mail!) After 2 days of phone calls I finally penetrated the front line of do-nothings, and spoke to a manager who belatedly started the wheels of bureaucracy turning again. But it took another week and three middle managers to figure out the problem, which was that they misspelled 'jetguitars.com' in the renewal application. The only good thing about the whole experience, was that their on-hold music wasn't too annoying.
January 3 2002: I am trying to find Linn Sahli, who was making electric guitars a couple of years ago in California. If anyone knows how to get in touch with him I'd appreciate any information.
December 17 2001: The September 11 commemorative Earlewood guitar is complete. There is now a thumbnail on the GALLERY page that leads to a description with pictures.
November 23 2001: Due to inquiries from folks who are interested in comparing what accounts for great tone in electric guitars, I have added a treatise on the subject. If you manage to read the whole wordy thing and have a differing viewpoint I'd be happy to hear from you via email.
The 9-11 Commemorative Earlewood guitar is shaping up to be a beauty, it will be available through WCG in about 3 weeks.
October 24 2001: For those of you who have discovered the old JET Guitars screensavers on various freeware sites scattered around the internet, the code words are 'shadowfin' and 'tropicaltop'. This site does not contain anything pertaining to them.
Sept. 20 2001: We here at JET Custom Electric Luthierie, as most of the civilized world, were deeply saddened by the terrorist attacks on the East coast of the USA. I am planning a limited edition commemorative guitar which should be available in November. I pledge to donate the labor cost put into this instrument to the American Red Cross.
Sept.3 2001: In early September I attended Progday, an outdoor music festival in Chapel Hill, NC. Although ten bands performed over three days, the one that was of most interest to me was The Flower Kings. Being a MAJOR fan, I was thrilled to meet the band and get a couple of autographs on the insert from their one of their CD's, "Space Revolver". Here is a scan of it. By the way, the gold pen I gave Roine Stolt and Tomas Bodin to use is the very same one I autograph my guitars with.
Autographed CD Insert