Earlewood Model

The original Earlewood electric guitar surpasses all others in its class for optimum tone, playability, and style. All of the features listed below are common to all guitars you will see on this site:

  • Conical (compound radius) fingerboard profile.
  • Natural maple binding all around. (Top wood other than maple is not bound).
  • inlaid pearl logo and headstock trim.
  • Top-shelf components by Schaller, Seymour Duncan, Grover and TonePros.
  • Through – stringing.
  • Knobs recessed in ‘silos’.
  • Covers are matched to surrounding wood and recessed. Ever look at the back of some so-called ’boutique’ guitars?
  • The headstock overlay is not merely the same color as the body top wood; we go for broke and cut it from the very same billet.
  • These Innovations Are Found ONLY On JET Guitars:

    • The top wood is joined to a chambered body with a peaked shape. This gives JET guitars their characteristic rich, complex resonance. They weigh less than thick carved tops, too.
    • The 24th fret is a crowned and polished brass plate attached to the end of the fingerboard. This way you get 24 frets, without knocking the neck pickup out of its sweet spot. Why should you be forced to choose one or the other?
    • Direct mounted pickups are trimmed with exotic hardwood. No ugly holes showing, and better microphinic coupling.
    • The output jackplate is recessed into an angled bevel, and points upward.