Caldera Model

The JET Caldera has the classic single cut body shape and cool 4-knob control layout that makes guitar lovers light-headed with desire. And at seven 1/2 pounds, its a lot easier to perform with. The ultra sleek neck heel makes string bending at the 22nd fret possible, or even at the 24th – try to find a ‘Paul that has that! The tone control for the bridge pickup uses a smaller capacitor value than other tone controls, giving a primal, throaty sound, instead of the usual jazzbox treble rolloff tone. Also built in is a Push/Pull pot for single coil sounds.

Like its sister the Earlewood, the Caldera is built with a radiused top over a peaked body, and a set three-piece maple neck. It also has through-stringing, the angled recessed jack, and the brass endfret. In fact, the design features of the Earlewood are so refined I couldn’t see any reason to omit any of them in this model. For the most part the two models are identical, other than the body shape, neck heel and weight (the Earlewood is lighter).