I have branched out to include a lapsteel guitar. This is a prototype built for Roine Stolt of the Flower Kings. It is a basic instrument, designed for superior performance.
- Neck-through white Korina
- Integral bar tray
- Ebony fingerboard with medium frets & pearl dots
- 25 inch scale
- Stainless Steel bridge & nut saddles
- Rosewood palmrest / tailpiece assembly
- Through-stringing
- Seymour-Duncan Stacked P-90 style PU
- Adjustable tripod legs thread directly into body fittings
- Locking Grover tuners
- Polyester resin finish

Here is what Roine had to say about this guitar:
"WOW !!! This is an amazing piece of art! The wood ,color & finish is WAY above what I expected.
I've tried a bit and have to say the sound is fabulous too, nice full sound and miles of sustain...
I plugged it in thru a Electro Harmonix Smallstone phaser, a tube Matchless Dirtbox and into my customized class A -Fender Dual Showman. 4x12" celestion and it sounds FAB !!! Total 70's...in between Dave Gilmour and David Lindley...
I'm honored to play such a nice handbuilt instrument, and even more that it's your first lapsteel ever."

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