November 2018
A close friend of mine picked up a JET Earlewood from a shop in Texas and brought it back home to Michigan a month ago. I’ve received texts and phone calls almost every day from him telling me I need to play it. I finally did yesterday and it was literally the best playing, sounding, and feeling guitar I have ever played. It had “soul”, that special vibe you feel as soon as you rest it on your thigh. It’s a shame I had to let it outta my hands because I didn’t want to put it down. I’m going to start saving for one and hopefully your quality will always be the same because I can’t wait. Thanks for what you do.
Rob Rein

December 2016
I own #69, #23 and #290 (Caribbean Burst) all of which I bought from Ed Roman while he was alive.
I own many other instruments. I own old banjos from the Vega golden era, nice new high dollar Martins and Gibsons as well as other boutique electric guitars.
I am not a good enough player to give a testimony as to the playing characteristics but I do know quality, precision and beauty. My Earlewoods are the most beautiful guitars I can imagine.
The Earlewoods are better than instruments costing multiples of current Earlewood prices! I just can’t imagine a better electric guitar in terms of fit and finish, wood selection, neck feel and artistic touches.
Congratulations on a lifetime of great luthier work!
Michael E. C.

June 2015
Hi Jeff,
Been playing 375. It’s really unbelievably good. Literally plays as well
as it looks, which would be hard for a guitar that looks as good as this
one. I’m astounded.
Thanks for two amazing instruments!

January 2015
Jeff, Honestly, every free moment I’ve had has been spent playing the guitar. I’ve been needing to write just to say, “love it, I love it, I love it!”. I don’t think I can add much to what has already been written about your guitars, but if there is one aspect that perhaps hasn’t been stressed enough in the reviews I’ve read, it’s the musicality/expressiveness that is derived from those two rightly-acclaimed components of tone and playability. It is so nuanced when given the opportunity… which I’m learning to do, and it’s definitely making me a much better player. I’ve been accustomed to hewing at my previous electric instruments because the tone was kind of weak-sounding unless I played aggressively. This instrument doesn’t make weak tone… when played delicately it responds with a pleasantly graceful tone, and gradually adds a little bite. Then some real teeth emerge, ending with a punchy kick that is aurally, something analogous to the feeling of having the breath knocked out of you. I’ve looked all over, but I cannot find where you hid the balls on this beautiful beast. 🙂 Glenn

6 thoughts on “Testimonials

      1. Canewillow

        Jeffrey, I have had my Jet Earlewood #406 for 7 months now. Quite frankly this is undoubtedly hands down the best electric guitar I have ever played. I want to thank you again for the suburb craftsmanship you preformed in making this beautiful instrument. Any of my friends that have seen this guitar can not believe how beautiful it is. The ease of playability is amazing. Thank you once again for creating my dream guitar. It is amazing
        Sincerely Brent R. DeJong AKA Canewillow

  1. Canewillow

    Jeffrey, My Earlewood # 406 arrived this morning at about 11:00. My expectations were founded and then some when I opened the case. Your attention to detail is amazing. The guitar is absolutely stunning. I have been playing it all day long. I am amazed at how easy it is to play. This guitar will inspire many new songs. Jeffrey you definitely have a God given talent. Thank you for all of the love you put into building my new baby. It will bring me Joy for many years to come. Thank you and God bless,
    Brent DeJong, Aka Canewillow

  2. chocomaniac

    I have been on the lookout for one of your guitars that I could afford for the last ten years. I lucked out last week and found number 174 in red. The pic for the ad was not too great so when I had it in my hands for the first time, I knew right away I was going to buy it. I had never played or even seen a Jet in person so it was really exciting when it lived up to the hype and my expectations. In fact, it surpassed them! I had a Jaros a while ago which I loved and lost. Getting number 174 broke the despair I was feeling over that loss. I am so impressed and inspired it is hard to put it down. I don’t want to put it in the case cuz I like just looking at it. Such attention to detail on the parrot inlays! As Nigel said in Spinal Tap, I don’t want my friends to even look at it, much less play it. What an accomplishment to make a piece of art that plays so well and sounds so good. My hat is off to you, sir.
    I think it needs an intonation adjustment, possibly at the bridge? but I am afraid to take it to any of the techs lest anything goes wrong. There is not a scratch on it so I am reluctant to let it into strange hands. If you know anyone in the los angeles area that you trust, please let me know.

  3. jetpilot

    I’ve had two JET guitars. I presently own sn006 Earlewood. They are the finest guitars I’ve ever played. I have several PRS high end guitars including a1987 that I bought new after having the opportunity to tour his old factory. I had sn 2xx Earlewood that I bought from a very good friend that passed away recently when he started having health problems. I sold it like a fool. I recently picked up sn 006 and was surprised to find it was as great a player and the quality of my later one. I’ve built several guitars-a few I’m proud of. I know it’s hard to make a fantastic playing work of art but you have seemed to pull it off over and over again. Thanks!! PM EW006

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