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JET = Jeffrey Earle Terwilliger
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Webmaster: Melissa Griffin, A dear personal friend and a true professional.

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Guitar Specifications, all models

These are standards or defaults. Because each instrument is handmade, some may vary.

Scale Length 25.0″
Fingerboard Radius 8.5″ to 12″, conical
Frets Vintage Jumbo (0.10″w x 0.05″h)
Width @ nut 1.64″ – 1.70″
Width @ 24th fret 2.15″ – 2.2″
Headstock angle 12 degrees
Weight 6.2 to 7.2 lbs
Body width 13.5″
Body Thickness 1.75″
Top radius 25′
Pickups by Seymour Duncan SH-4 and SH2N
Strings 009-042
Case by TKL – hardshell, cross compatible Earlewood and Caldera as of 2015

Range of Options

In addition to those listed under OPTIONS, JET guitars can be equipped with almost any bridge, tuners, pickups, or other hardware on a custom basis. Custom wiring or inlays are per order. Woods, neck specifications, etc. are also customizable. The only limits are body shape (Earlewood or Caldera), neck joint (set) and finish style (polyester resin clearcoat over multiple step aniline wood stain).