If you have an idea in mind for a color you don't see on the JET Guitars color chart - perhaps something you found in another guitar picture, or something you 'photoshopped'- I can possibly create a custom JET guitar with that color. JET does not charge extra for custom colors on Earlewood and Caldera models. However since color is such a subjective concept, I request that you adhere to this procedure:

1. Contact me directly via email, in addition to placing your order through a dealer. I will reply w1th my mailing address, to which you can send a physical rendering (such as a full color printout) showing the color you want done. This should be at least 33% life size, with your name and date hand written on it. This is neccessary to maintain accuracy, since computer monitors are not standardized.
2. I will email you when I receive your color idea, and tell you one of three things: The color can be done with minor qualifications, the color can be done approximately like your picture, or the color can not be done like the picture. After you have a complete understanding of what to expect, work on the order will move forward.
3. My aim as both a craftsman and a businessman is to make sure you get the guitar of your dreams, which I will create to the utmost of my ability. The color will be treated as any other custom-ordered feature (such as inlays, etc), that is, a color can be changed with additional charge during work or after completion.