This is a radical departure from previous JET guitars. You see, I have been a huge fan of Steve Hackett since 1973, and when I saw photos of him playing a Fernandes, I thought to myself, "Crikey, I know I can do better than that."
For starters, this little beauty has a Floyd Rose vibrato and Sustainer system. (I originally wanted to put the Sustainer switches on the upper bout but they are hard mounted on a chunky circuit board.) The body is Poplar topping Korina, and the three-piece maple neck is carbon graphite reinforced. The fingerboard is bound with wood, as are all JETs, so the fret ends and tangs can never scratch your hand. View Closeup of JET Frets In this case it is ebony bound because there is no maple showing elsewhere on the guitar. The neck is also a little wider at the nut - 1.75 inches.
I love the classic ebony, chrome & pearl theme, but I just couldn't resist going a bit further - the body may appear to be black, but it is actually a very deep purple / magenta color shifting finish. Mysterious & subtle. And she screams like a Mechanical Bride from Darktown.