Like many others, I began crafting stringed instruments early in life. I still remember scavenging used guitar strings from the wastebasket in grade school and screwing them down on wood planks. Soon after, I added the tape head from a cassette recorder and wired it as a pickup.

Much later In 1998, I surveyed over 100 guitarists for their preferences in neck, electronics, top carve, etc. The results were tallied, and then I added several bona fide innovations to the design. JET Guitars was then born with three prototypes.

Creating the world’s best electric guitars, completely handcrafted by a single luthier, was my mission. Alive with quality you must see, feel and hear to believe. Striving for true style integrated with, not merely sacrificed to, incredible playability, balance, and tone. Read the letters I have received over the years, and see for yourself why I believe I have accomplished my goals.


You may notice a few adjustments to this site over the next week or two, as we finalize the layout and content.

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